AirJet™ Shovel
Item# AJ-101

Product Description

The patented AirJet™ Shovel attachment uses the most advanced green technology to clear, clean and dry surfaces. Snow and ice are pulverized by hurricane force winds generated by your leaf blower.

Our quick connect shovel can be installed in seconds transforming your leaf blower into a powerful snow blower. The wind does all the work so no lifting is needed to plow your way through even heavy snow.

Our wind technology cleans and dries all surfaces and greatly reduces the need for using salt or chemical de-icing agents.

• Small and Compact

• Affordable

• Extremely Safe

• Light Weight

• Ergonomic

• Will Not Damage Surfaces

• Dries Surfaces and Reduces use of Chemicals

• No Lifting

• Wide Range of Applications:

1. Decks

2. Driveways and Sidewalks

3. Cars, RVs and Boats

4. Roofs & More

Attaches to most round tube leaf blowers and back-pack blowers. The AirJet™ Shovel works best with gas powered and electric blowers with blowing power of 400 CFM or more.