AirJet™ Plow System

The AirJet™ System uses the most advanced green technology to clear, clean and dry surfaces that have been difficult or even impossible in the past. Snow and ice are pulverized by hurricane force winds generated by twin turbines. Our wind technology cleans and dries all surfaces and greatly reduces the need for using environmentally polluting chemical de-icing agents. Our plow can be positioned just above surfaces thus allowing for use on even fragile surfaces. Our patented system allows for a greater number of applications.

• Airport runways, landing light systems and tarmacs.

• Racetrack clearing, cleaning and drying.

• Highway repair & maintenance.

• Athletic field cleaning, clearing and drying.

• Rail system track clearing of snow, ice and leaves.

The AirJet™ System is completely portable and can be mounted on most vehicles and equipment.

The AirJet™ Plow System is manufactured in the U.S.A.